Retouching and Composing


Contact me if you need your pictures retouched or a composing around one of your pictures. Or even if you want your drawing to become „real“ in Photoshop.

A huge „thank you“ to this model! I asked her if it would be possible to take a photo in which she can be seen completely without any makeup, to test my retouching skills … She said yes! I find this very brave!

On this second picture, you can see a normal retouching process. This is normal preparation for an image that is used in a composing or else.
– Adjust lightning
– Remove piercings
– Highlight certain parts like eyes, nose and mouth
– Dramatize shaddows (if the light source of the final image is known)
– Remove texts from clothing
– Remove leftovers from Original (like the Stones around his Hand)
– Soften the Skin
– (Optionally) sharpening and increasing contrast for more dimension



This was the first time I thought about cosplay. Unfortunately we had no costume. The Picture was taken with my Lumix Compact camera because there was no shooting planed. At 24mm, there is a slight fisheye-effect, wich makes my models head pops out, and makes him look more like an evil psycho (wich is great as the name of the photographed subject is „Krieg the Psycho“ from Borderlands!)

Some Inspiration



Always nice and often used as a gift, multi-exposures are easy to do and the effect is just great. Contact me if you want to surprise your loved ones with a stunning portrait.

Creative Ideas