Before and After

  • GTA V Style Posters
    Some may know that i have a predilection for comics and comic-style games. Masterpieces like the Borderlands-Triology, the typical Rockstar loading screens and game art from games like GTA, Red Dead Redemtion or Max Payne, as well as backstory artwork like the „Tales of Dunwall“ (Dishonored) or the cutscenes from Infamous 2. Because i allredy […]
  • Star Wars
    This Photograph was taken on a Tattoo-shooting with a Friend. We decided to try to make him become a Jedi. Here on the first slider, you can see the original picture on one side and the retouching and correcting i did on the other side. Here you can see the Before and After of the […]
  • Borderlands
    As Borderlands 3 will be released tomorrow, I have a little goodie for you! A “Before/After“ of my Borderlands 2 Tribute. Enjoy it and Enjoy the game.