New Logo

This Sunday, i had the Idea of designing a new logo for my Photo-Art-Jonny project. At the moment, i have several design-projects, like logos, Web and product labels design.

Therefore I wanted a more graphical logo, but still artistic. Something that fits my identity and my personality.

The new logo is basically a penrose triangle, without the outer lines, and without hilight and shaddow.

White is the part i used as logo.

But with the Triangle facing upwards, it didn’t work for me. There was something missing. By turning it, things start to change.

Blue we have a P shape, for Photography, wich is still my main passion.

Orange we’ve got a Shape that kind of looks like a J for my name Jonathan.

There is an A shape (green), or something that comes close to an A.

And finaly, the Red Triangle is facing forwards, meaning the progress I made in the past and that I will make in the Future.

Peace and joy to anyone!

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