Sometimes art has something to say…

The world is too busy. Job… Kids… Hobbies… Friends… and more.
No time left… No time at all… Just keep on going! Something may change… Hope!
Nothing changes…. Anger and frustration!
Still no time… Another year gone. Patience!
Will there ever be enough time?

The world is under water, thank God i have a boat!

Noises everywhere! It’s too loud! I gotta make my earphones louder… Just want to hear my own noises…

The world is in our hands… Everyone is responsible. Take care

Dreamin‘ of you ♥ Dreamin‘ of love ♥ Dreamin‘ our future ♥ Dreamin‘ about us ♥ I’m dreamin‘ ♥ Hope you do too ♥

Temptaion. It’s everywhere! Allways! It’s distraction, misdirection. An emotion, a feeling, something tells me i want to be yield to temptation. Can you overcome the temptation?

There is always another side. Maybe you can’t see it. Maybe there’s a wall. Maybe it’s hidden. Maybe you don’t want to see. Maybe this side is allready confortable. Maybe you don’t realize, but there is allways another side!

The world is burning, can’t you see? The world is burning…